Thursday, December 9, 2010

Live Training or Brand New Video Training!

Yes, I am excited also. Sabrina Rife with Dogs for Dollars (one of my customers) has just announced her brand new website featuring:

Live Training
Video Training
Live one on one mentoring

First I have to tell you a little about Sabrina. She purchased a cart and faced some major challenges. Her city was strict and simply would not let her set up. Being one that doesn't take no for an answer she came up with a plan and now operates carts exclusively inside the city limits.

You can find out more at her website. She's even giving away a hot dog cart. What? Yup, you heard me, go to Sabrina's site and find out how:

If you are like me and need hands on face to face live training, then by all means, get in touch with Sabrina today.

**Note** BensCarts nor Ben receives any thing for this promotion. I share this only to help you.

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