Monday, April 25, 2011

National Association of Hot Dog Vendors

After much anticipation the NAHDV ( is almost ready to go live.  In the last few days the total number of people signing up has surpassed 1300 and counting.  Although paid membership is not available yet, they welcome all.

"It will be a one stop shop for everything vending" -- Randy Drumb 

Features include:
  • extensive training
  • tips and tricks (words from the wise)
  • discounted supplies
  • video blogs
  • live forums
  • news
  • press releases
  • NAHDV in the news
  • classifieds
  • links to state rules and codes
  • certification
  • food safety
  • software
  • video training
  • manufacturer help
  • and much much more

One of the most discussed features currently is the bulk buying power.  Already NAHDV has arranged for huge discounts on steam pans, hot water heaters, grills, and some specific deals from hot dog manufacturers.  All to offer it's members the best prices.  One example of this is a solid wood 5 foot market umbrella in red, it's members will be able to purchase for about $10.  

My favorite part is what will become: NAHDV GROUP INSURANCE RATES!!!

"For Vendors by Vendors, Strength in our numbers!" --  Jennifer Richland

As our membership increases, NAHDV will be a welcome voice at the Local, State and Federal levels and will help to protect our rights.  Already NAHDV has been invited to attend State sponsored think tanks in two different states contemplating changes in their rules.  

Here at BensCarts we are excited, this has been over a year in the works and all with volunteer work.  So sit back, hang on and get ready to have a big, big friend in the business!

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  1. 3 Cart Manufacturers have already offered discounts for members of NAHDV.