Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mini Dog to the rescue

Hold on to your pants, after months and months of searching and finding nothing on the subject, I have found the mother load. Yup, finally, someone has created a mini dog. No longer do you have to beg Oscar M. to bring 'em back, we have them now.
Tim MacCourtney has developed a 3" hot dog for us hot doggers. Packed with 100% pure beef and seasoned with his special blend of spices, these little dogs are going to be the hit of the party on many carts.

Every week, someone calls and asks, "where can I find the mini-dogs?"

The search is over!

The sliders are packaged in a food service pack of 132 dogs. the weight is 10 pounds. Whole sale price is $66.00/case. Ship for about $16.

Grab some potato rolls or a club roll (may cut in half), slice the top open and place this little devil down in it. US Foods is marketing this new dog also, but you can get yours directly from Smoky Mountain Brands:

Tim MacCourtney
Smoky Mountain Brands
828 736 3012

Tell him Ben sent you!


  1. Gordon Food Service also sells Mini Beef Hot Dogs and Mini Buns. They are a 16/1 dog.

  2. Excellent, thank you for the info. Do you have a contact or any other info?