Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hot Dog Carts...Everywhere!

I take calls daily from customers and fellow doggers and those considering joining the ranks of the hot dog vendors. Every now and then someone asks or voices concern that there may be too many people already doing this business.

As I have previously vlog'd about on YouTube channel "BensCarts", have no fear, it's the same as the red car syndrome.

You know when you buy a red car, or a blue one, etc... you seem to notice how many people also drive the same color car. Better yet, get a new Chevy Impala and I promise you will have never seen so many people driving an Impala. Its the way our minds work, we are competitive by nature. We instinctually are competitive.

However, have no fear. Now that your mind is thinking hot dog carts, you will suddenly notice more, you will naturally feel competitiveness towards the others.

Tread on, many will never pursue the business.

Recently a gentleman called me and expressed concern that he had just found a used cart for sale and he was down at the City licensing office and someone else was there getting his business license. This panicked him, he felt as though, everyone was going to be competing against him. I asked him how many convenience stores where within 5 miles of his house. He guessed about 3, I assured him it's probably more. Either way, I explained that there was at least 3 stores and yet they stay open.

The benefits with a hot dog cart is you are portable, you also only need a small fraction of the business compared to a convenience store. You only need about 60 to 150 people a day to visit your dog stand. Plus, they don't need to spend a lot of money with you. If 100 people spend $4.00 with you, you made about $2.80 x 100 people. That is $280 daily in profit.

I worked a flea market with, I think, 9 other vendors, I still did $1100 in 2 days.

So don't worry, be happy! :)

Pursue your new found dream and do your due diligence and then jump on in here with us. The water is fine!

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The Hot Dog Professor

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