Friday, November 26, 2010

100's of Thousands going off unemployment - What Now?

November 29th is the deadline for congress to renew and extend unemployment benefits. If they fail, millions will welcome in the holidays with less than nothing. They, after enduring months of barely getting by on the meager unemployment benefits, will literally not know where the next meal is coming from, nor how to keep the electricity and water on and not to mention filling the void under the tree this year.

Children across America will welcome in this new year under circumstances and conditions never considered a possibility by their loving and hardworking parent(s) before.

What can we do, what can we the hot dog vendor, street vendor or concession stand operator offer? Well, actually we can help!

1. Call your local radio station or newspaper or both and inform them that you are going to feed 10 needy people a day till Christmas. Specify for those in need only. This may cost you $30 at most a day. I think you will find that some people will donate to you to help feed others as well.

2. Offer to let someone help you run your cart who is out of work, this would allow you the opportunity to get to know them enough to allow them to run the cart on days you don't, thereby allowing them some kind of income.

3. Offer someone out of work to pass out flyers at local office parks or construction sites for 5 cents a flyer, maybe offer someone a delivery position. Print up flyers and allow them to deliver to these newfound customers for a portion of sales.

4. Announce publicly that every Wednesday(any day) till Christmas, that 100% of proceeds will go to (insert local charity or food bank). This will cost you only your time.

5. Drive your cart to a local area where the homeless or indigent congregate and give out free food for an hour. I believe you could contact the local law enforcement with the idea and get a free police escort while you are there.

6. Go to your local food pantry or homeless shelter and give food out for a couple of hours.

There are many ways for you to help your community. Times are tough all over, but fortunately for us, cart owners, we do have the ability to make a living. Let's give back, let's help our neighbors, let's do right.

You may only be able to help one person with a free meal, but this one gesture, this one act of kindness is all it takes. We all can help someone.

If you have a great idea to help someone, a way to help many or a way to use your cart for good, please let me know so that I can share your ideas or story with others.

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