Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Found a commissary!

Today a customer called me whom had been eagerly searching for a commissary. His idea inspired me to share with you.

He found a local Mom & Pop store and grill that he wanted to use as a commissary. Knowing that sometimes people are less than amicable when it comes to allowing you to share their kitchen, he had a brilliant idea. This particular mom & pop shop served a cookie that they were very proud. When talking with them, he offered to serve and advertise their cookies. Needless to say, this small local family owned store were more than happy to help this smart hot dogger and immediately saw the benefits of having their product represented to an entire new group of taste buds.

With this came an agreement to serve a pre-wrapped egg salad sandwich they also make and they agreed to serve his delicious hot dogs on a profit share agreement.

Holy Wow!

Now when you go searching for a commissary, keep in mind ways you can help them and they may be more willing to help you.

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