Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Giving back pays huge dividends!

If you have watched my videos, you know I talk about teaming up with a charity and how this can get you in to places that you normally couldn't consider.

Well this morning, one of my past customers called to order more carts.  She had just come from a meeting with the county commissioners and was so excited she almost pee'd her pants.

The commissioners love her concept of giving back and she offered to give back a part of her proceeds to the parks and recreation department.  She originally just wanted a stand at one park, but after this morning she has been offered a location at every park in the county, including the public swimming pool.

She will have no competition and can work the hours she wants.  With already a couple of carts, she must have more.

How exciting!

I love happy stories of success and this one is wonderful.  You can learn more from her at http://www.benscarts.com/Live_Training.html

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