Monday, August 15, 2011

Cool items for hot dog vendors

Every now and then vendors submit some awesome ideas or things they have found.  Here is the last batch of innovative attention getting ideas.

The hot dog gun                                                         

How bout the mustard and ketchup monsters.  One vendor sales these from the cart.  I think doing a kids part or catering event it would be fun to use them.

Squeeze ketchup out of their noses.

I used these some.  Nothing like having a line full of people and asking the next customer what they want on their dog and picking up the ketchup or mustard trick bottles and aiming it at their face and squeezing.  Out pops yellow or red string and startles the unassuming patron.  Fun Fun Fun!

Squirt bottles

The hot dog pen and magnet.  Write in style.

For those whom success has left you with extra cash to spend, try this 6 foot high statue that should be in the living room of every serious vendor.

Show your team spirit with these handy grillers.  Many teams to choose from.

If you have a suggestion or have found something cool, please email me.

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