Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Critique of My Course/Book; "hot dogs saved my life"

After someone purchases the course; "hot dogs saved my life from, they are sent a letter days later about sharing their thoughts on the course.  I do this not to feed my unquenchable ego, but to improve on my teaching skills.

I often receive a kind note, praising the content but I have also received feedback that is less than ego boosting.  However, this letter I received today was a must share and I hope you enjoy.  I am a little embarrassed by it's much too honest analysis.

Hello Ben,

You asked me for a review of your book, it is with great pleasure to oblige.

"hot dogs saved my life" is an epic adventure that will take every reader on an emotional roller-coaster ride. The adventure is reminiscent of Melville's "Moby Dick" and the mystery reminds the reader of the works of Christie. Immediately the reader knows the author has lived through the experience and has survived to tell about it not unlike Hemingway; the comedic undertones will recall fond memories of the works of Seuss. After thoroughly reading and enjoying "hot dogs saved my life" I have placed it on the shelf of my personal library right next to my signed original works of Shakespeare.

Okay, so it's a little over the top - but I loved it. I have to say the most memorable part was your definition of the ingredients of "Cheez-Whiz".

I have previously been involved with hot dog vending. I was on a business trip in Maui when I came across a man with a smoker sitting alongside the road selling hot dogs and Kabobs. I had to have a hot dog so I stopped. As I was enjoying my dog I watched many satisfied customers stop and buy dogs. I was so intrigued by this business I spent the next 3 days with him helping sell and learning the business.  

I was in a rewarding job that included a ton of stress and a ton of hours but my friend was sitting alongside a road in Hawaii "slingin' hot dogs", drinking beer, working 4-5 hours per day and making about 90K - this was business I could really get into. When I came home from Maui I researched the hot dog business, made big plans, ordered my smoker and submitted my resignation.

My first foray into the business was a large 4th of July festival - I made every mistake in the book but I had the time of my life and still somehow managed to make good money.

Why didn't I stick with it? After resigning my job and before I did that first event I was offered an incredible job. The salary was large and again so was the stress and hours worked.

Well, the world has turned - I am back to excessive hours and excessive stress and back to hot dogs being the answer.

I have gotten older and a little wiser - I am starting the business the right way this time and the wisest thing I have done is to get completely immersed into your video's and book. Had this information been available the first time I jumped into hot dogs I would have saved thousands of dollars. Not only would I have saved, I would have started the business differently and very likely would have been making money "slinging hot dogs" for the past 10 years.

You will be hearing from me again very soon - there is no one on the planet I would rather purchase my cart from.

Thank you for all you've done for this business and helping everyone. 

I believe the purpose of life is to serve others and all the rewards you receive, whether financial or spiritual are directly related to the number of people you serve - I hope you are enjoying the success you deserve.

I will talk with you soon,

Chris Larson

Well I must say that first paragraph couldn't have been more accurate.  Nail on the head!  I love an honest, straightforward, no hype critique.  If only the NY Times would pick it up now.  

If you are still wondering what all the hype is about: Here ya go!

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