Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mind your QR - Quick Response Code

Sounds weird, why is this on a blog about hot dog vending?   QR has become more and more popular.  Ever since some smarty pants over at a subsidiary of Toyota invented the code - the more popular it has become.

What is it?  It's this!  Looks like a puzzle huh?  Well it's actually code that any QR reader can convert to the intended message.  Inside this code can be a URL (website address), email address, a phone number, a special message or about anything else you can imagine.

I bet you have seen them before, right?  Well now you know its a hidden message.  Anyone one with a camera equipped phone and free QR software can read them.

Originally designed for Toyota to be able to inventory parts easier this code can contain much more info than the standard bar codes we all are familiar with.

You can pick up the reader software for free and most smart phones can download the app for free.  Just Google QR app or QR reader.

You can also Google QR Generator and create your own special codes for flyers, business cards, on cart logos and more.  The possibilities are endless.

So get started today, post a comment and tell me where you used yours or even post your QR code on my Facebook Page for everyone to see.  Enjoy!

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