Thursday, July 28, 2011

L-5 by Eccotemp and Chip Clips, lowest prices anywhere.

The drawback to pressurized water systems is that they push water so fast through the hot water line that you run out of hot water very quickly.  (in detail) With the addition of the L-5 hot water heater, you will only run out of hot water when you run out of water.

These units can be added to your cart fairly easy and will make your day even better.  They work off propane gas and have 2 D batteries.  When the unit senses water flow (you turn on the hot water) it ignites burners that heat the water as you use it.  Instant Hot Water - Continuously!  Finally!

We have been offering these heaters for over a year - but only sold them with a cart purchase and they included installation.

Since then we have started purchasing in bulk and can offer you the lowest prices on the web for these heaters.  We will also include instructions for hooking up to your LP Gas system and installation.   Click here to order

Chip clips are handy, they can display your chips, sunglasses and I even use them for ball caps.  They are hooked on the end so that you can hang from your umbrella slats.  Best of all, these clip strips are long, 31" and have 24 clips.  Right now we are offering these at a special price and can be shipped right to your door.   Sold in sets of 2, you get 48 clips in all.  You want find them at a better price anywhere.

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