Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Place For Vendor Conversations!

NAHDV (National Association of Hot Dog Vendors) has created a private page on Facebook.

Why you say?  So vendors can connect, get advice, share advice and help each other out.  It is awesome!  

Even better:  It's private, which means anything you talk about there - stays there.  No one else can read your comments unless they are in the Facebook group.  Your posts and theirs will appear in your newsfeed, but they will only be seen by you.  There will be a little padlock image beside the post in your newsfeed that indicates that the conversation came from the private group and no one else but you can view it.

So come on over, there are many knowledgeable vendors and because we haven't all been vendors all our lives, we bring knowledge from our past experiences that can help in the vending business.

Click here and request to join.  It's free and easy!   

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