Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Never Give UP!

I just received this email from a gentleman out of Georgia.  Many would cave in and give up when faced with obstacles involving government regulations.  However, once in awhile, a great person comes along, challenges the status quo and paves the way for the rest of us.

A huge thank you and encouragement is due to this future successful vendor!  Read below his letter to me:

Hope you are doing well!  I had a great conversation with Giles Roberts, the Program Director for the Environmental Health Division of the Georgia Department of Community Health this morning.  We were able to clear up several issues regarding the interpretations of Mobile Unit Requirements and exemptions regarding Hot Dog Push Carts and Pull-Behind-A-Vehicle-Carts in the State of Georgia (head hancho says I don't have to have commercial fridge anymore!).  We do still seem to disagree on the big topic...."ownership o"f vs. "access to" a commercial kitchen in regards to whether or not this determines the legitimacy of a partnership between the owner of a Mobile Unit and the owner of a Food Service Establishment as a Base of Operation.  

This is good news for two reasons:  1. Mr. Giles has agreed to accept the decision of the Division Attorney for the State who is currently reviewing my petition regarding this matter, and not consult further assistance in regards to the matter.   2.  The main document the Division Attorney is reviewing is the contractual agreement between myself and the owner of the food service establishment that I will be using as my base of attorney, who drew up the contract, happens to specialize in contract law.

I have big plans for me, you, and the "soon to be friendly to hot dog vendors whether we want to or not" State of Georgia. 

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