Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Used Hot Dog Carts

Spring will be upon us as quick as summer came and went. The taste of freedom, owning and operating your own cart will hit some like a Mack truck. They will sleep, eat, think and live hot dogs and the hot dog cart business.

Used carts will be at a premium and often selling for more than a new one to the unsuspecting venturer. Without doing the due diligence many will run out and buy the first thing they can find, fearing the deal too good to pass up or simply irresistible. I often get calls, "oh if I would of only found you sooner", after finding that our new carts as are many other manufacturers are less than a used one.

Some lack patience and wanting immediate gratification ru
n out and purchase the one they found in the classified section of the local paper.

Spring is not the time, late winter is not the time to be looking for a hot dog cart. Some manufacturers raise prices to profit from what is a short lived burst of interest usually lasting a few months.

Right now is the time. The winter air from Canada blows cold and many who purchased carts during the warmer months with expectations of big profits have lost their zeal. They cuddle in a warm blanket and start listing their hot dog carts online. Don't get me wrong, the successful vendor has no such thought. But there are many who rushed in, didn't do their homework, found out that they actually had to get off the couch and work to make money or decided being a hot dog vendor was not for them. Some get an old job back, some simply got discouraged after "trying it" for awhile.

This is good news for you! Now is the time to buy a hot dog cart. Used carts, some never used carts will fill craigslist, the demand is lower and the prices follow. Every year I look for these used carts, sometimes buying for just a few hundred bucks. I can either re-sell or most likely enter them into my growing force of carts I lease out or rent.

Its a buyers market. So before you buy new, before you spend one cent of your hard earned money, scour the classifieds, online markets, the flea markets, www.craigslist.com and even eBay.

Note: I have a video that you can watch for free at http://www.LearnHotDogs.com on this subject and what to watch out for when buying a used cart. Please watch it first.

Tip: I am sure you are familiar with craigslist. Craigslist allows searches in different areas, this can be time consuming. Try www.crazedlist.org but you may have to search from Firefox web browser in order for it to load properly. But crazedlist allows you to search many areas of craigslist at one time.

If you have a question for The Hot Dog Professor, please feel free to email or call.

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